Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare Insurance

Worried about spiralling NHS costs and long waiting lists? Concerned about what might happen if one of your key employees became ill?

Dickson & Co has teamed up with Price Insurance Services who can provide a range of healthcare solutions. They could help you or your family or business in several ways.



Who is your key person? If something happened to this person would your business survive? Does your business rely on this person?

These are some of the questions we ask our clients when assessing the risk within the business. A Key Person is someone who the business relies on to be profitable – it can be the owner, director, or leading salesperson right through to the operational people. The policy pays out to the business should the key person become critically ill or die while in service. This money can then be used to replace that person so the business can continue



Protecting both the families and the business of all shareholders. This allows the business to continue with the remaining shareholders. The cover ensures that if a shareholder dies or has to retire due to critical illness, the remaining shareholders receive a tax free cash lump sum and have the necessary option to buy the shares of the deceased or retiring shareholder(s)



Relevant life cover is a form of death-in-service benefit that is set up and paid for by a company but pays out to a staff member’s or director’s beneficiaries on death. It is typically used by businesses as a tax efficient way to offer death in service to a small percentage of staff within a company or for those companies with less than 3 employees. It is a great addition to any employment benefit package for directors and staff. RLP can only be put in place for a Limited Company



This is a form of Life Insurance which pays off outstanding corporate debt should a person key to the business die. Debts might include company overdrafts, commercial loans, venture capital funding and commercial mortgages


EXECUTIVE INCOME PROTECTION (Directors Income Protection)

Executive Income Protection can help small business clients by protecting against the financial impact of their employee becoming ill or injured and unable to work. The plan is designed to pay a monthly benefit of 80% of the pre-tax income to fund the employee’s ongoing sick pay. This policy is owned by the business and is paid by the business. This can also include National Insurance contributions and employer pensions contributions

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