Rally Car

Rally Car

Rallying is in our blood

The Dickson family have long been passionate about motor sport and are third-generation competitors.

Ashley’s uncle competed extensively throughout the 1960s and 70s, with Ashley himself competing between the mid-80s and 90s before taking a break to build the business with his wife Ruth. But it wasn’t long before he was back in the driving seat again, with the four Dickson sons, Stephen, Ian, Jason and Jordan all racing karts from the age of just 8, and progressing onto rallying as they got older. Racing is in our blood, so we understand the need for comprehensive insurance cover both as insurance professionals and as competitors.

What cover can we offer?

Racing teams spend a lot of money buying and preparing their rally car but often neglect to the right insurance cover. This exposes them personally to claims resulting from accidents any time the vehicle is being driven on a public road. This could be to and from the trailer park, or to and from scrutineering, or parc fermé any time the vehicle is driven or parked on a public road.

Valuable competition cars are also exposed to loss from fire damage or theft whilst the vehicle is in storage or during transit. With this in mind Dickson & Co have negotiated a specific insurance policy with a major UK based insurer specially designed to accommodate the very specific requirements of a rally or recce vehicle.

All rally cars and the majority of recce vehicles are modified from the manufacturers’ standard specs, and so aren’t capable of being properly insured under a standard motor policy. Dickson’s has arranged an exclusive cover with one of the UK’s largest motor insurers, and is available to UK registered vehicles and for drivers who are UK residents. The policy covers modifications, and offers comprehensive or TPF&T insurance cover – including whilst the vehicle is in storage in a locked garage or in transit. Although cover excludes damage whilst competing, it does provide Road Traffic act cover whilst being used on the non-competitive (road sections of a rally) between special stages -which means you have peace of mind of being legally covered.

Interested in finding out more?

To obtain a quotation or to find out more, send your details to rallycarinsurance@dickson-insurance.com or contact:

Jason Dickson on 02882 251241, extension 488
Stephen Dickson on 02882 251241, extension 438
Ian Dickson on 02882 252241, extension 430
Jordan Dickson on 02882 251241, extension 480
Ashley Dickson on 02882 251241, extension 445